Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Day, in reverse.

We finished up our day at my mom and dad's house. The kids all love to go to Grandma's house, of course, and how much more fun when they know there will be presents!
We had a delicious dinner and then feasted further on leftover Christmas cookies. Mmmmm!
Before we left, the kids had time to play with their toys and gifts while I made the scalloped potatoes for later. Hannah got this wipe-board and, as you can see, makeup!
Annette loves My Little Ponies. Here she is brushing her pony's hair--looks like she should be spending more time on her own!
Christmas Eve's presentation of The Nativity. Directed by Hannah.
There! Pictures for all of you who have asked! I have more over at our adoption blog,
Happy New Year!


BethPie said...

The nativity picture is my favorite. Absolutely adorable.

Tami said...

Great picutres, as always! :)

rachel said...

I loved the comment about Annette-the pony and the hair...:oD

Grandma Falk said...

You should post the picture of yourself, Melissa, when you and your brothers dressed up and acted out the nativity. Bethany was saying today how much Hannah looks like you did when you were her age. So true.

Melissa E. said...

I don't have that photo. Dad must.