Friday, May 25, 2007

Craft day!

Hannah is modeling our project for today, the last day of school for us! (Hooray!)
Fridays are craft day for us when we are in the school year. The girls never let me forget!
Here is how we made our shirts:

I slipped a t-shirt over my big cutting board to protect the back side and to keep it taut. You could use something else just as easy keeping in mind the same goals.

Plan a simple design that you want to put on your shirt. Cut it out and coat the back with spray adhesive. Let the adhesive dry a few minutes so that it won't stick permanently to your shirt.

Affix the shapes onto the shirt and press down well.

Spray a solution of bleachy water onto the design. Be careful not to get it so wet that it bleeds under the paper.

Blot the bleach drips from the paper with a rag and then peel off.

Here's the tricky part: Wait the perfect amount of time and then rinse--well.

When you're done, dry the shirt and it's ready to wear!
That shirt that Hannah is standing behind is the one Annette and I made. Next to it on the left is the shirt that I am going to wear tonight on my anniversary date with my honey.

By the way, It's a surprise anniversary date. Not because of the date but because he doesn't remember it's our anniversary today!!! Hee hee! I'm taking the girls down to my mom's now and then I'm going to have a little time to come home and clean the house without anyone messing up under me (a little treat to myself!). When Steve gets home I think we will go and pick up some subs and go to the beach and float around with our eyes closed because we never get to do that when the kids are with us. We never go on dates that are things we enjoy just as much with the girls along and we never go out to eat as a date because we tend to just sit there and not visit so we do other stuff. One of our favorites is to go to Barnes and Noble and just sit and read together. BTW, it's eleven years this year!


beth said...

Happy Anniversary!

Dawn said...

Eleven??? Seems like yesterday.
Great project!!! Looks like fun.

Dawn said...

oops...Happy Anniversary!!!!

Kelli said...

What a fun project, the T-shirts look wonderful!!

Happy Anniversay!!


Sean, Tracey, Declan, Alexis & Kimberly said...

Ok, I love the shirt idea. Is it by trial and error that you know how long to wait before rinsing the shirt? I am going to have to try this. We too are waiting for our dossier to be submitted and we are hoping to bring home two girls. I would be interested in chatting with you about homeschooling and what you use. Thanks for a great summer project.