Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day weekend in Nashville

We were able to go up to my Sister Bethany's house for Mother's Day weekend. This is a picture of my mom being a good sport for her Mother's Day photo shoot! Anyone who knows Dad knows that a holiday can never pass without a representative picture and a personal holiday requires a portrait of the honored person. --also a video clip of the photo taking. :-)


Kari said...

Where is your Mother's Day photo? I'm sure your Dad took one of you.

Melissa E. said...

Well I do have one of me but the one I wanted to post, the one of me with the girls, didn't turn out so well because we took it at the end of the day and Ivy kept wanting to nurse and was upset and Hannah had a fake smile and Annette was just plain distracted since Ivy was making such a fuss! That, while being a real moment in a mother's day, is not exactly photogenic! I may post it here just for comic relief.

Dawn said...

Kathy looks fabulous, as always. Glad you could be together.