Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am sitting here delaying what needs to get done. The Garage. Yuck! I really don't want to tackle that at all. But it needs to get done and I am "nesting" in a way. I don't know when our dossier will be submitted by the translator to the Ukrainian Social Services, and I don't know how long from the time they get it until they contact us with our appointment, and I don't know how long from the time of receiving notice until the actual appointment date it will be, but I do know I don't want to spend that last month working like crazy trying to get the house in shape for us to be away for 5 weeks! I don't want to miss that time with the girls and I do want to bring the children home for the first time to a home that looks and feels clutter-free and welcoming. Besides which, I am going to be jet-lagged as well as adjusting to caring for 6 children and I am not going to want to do it then!

The trouble with the garage is that it is full of stuff that we are planning on selling in a garage sale. Because of all that extra stuff in there, the usual things that we keep in the garage are harder to access so after we have dug them out to use them we have been putting them back in places where they don't belong and it has become a jumbled mess; sale-able items mixed with things we want to use, like the hose nozzle that must be somewhere in there! Also, Annette has been missing for several days now and she might just be in that pile. I'd hate to inadvertantly sell her in a garage sale!

Well, I've talked myself into getting myself together and setting my timer and doing one hour's worth of work in there--for the children. I can do it for them, I guess. And for Steve; he'd really like to see the garage all neat and tidy when he gets home, I'll bet. Oh, and for me, too; there's nothing like knowing that a big chunk of the to-do list has been crossed off!

Wash the Suburban?> Check.
Laundry?> Check.
Clean the garage?> Gro-o-o-oan....


Melissa E. said...

Garage?> CHECK! (well, except the shelves, but that's for another day.)
Now, what shall we have for dinner?

Kelli said...

Keep up the great work, Melissa! Can you come clean my garage when you are finished? ;0)


Steve said...

How much to you pay? ;-)