Thursday, May 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home

My sister-in-law, Lynn, mentioned that it has been so long since they were at our house that she couldn't remember what it looked like! That's just as well since we've done a bunch of work inside and outside of it since she was there last. I wish I would have thought to take this picture a couple of weeks ago when the irises were in bloom all along the front walk.

I always describe my house as being "architectually uninteresting". It is all straight lines and no curves or 'jewelry'. One thing I would like to do when I have a little spendable money again is to put some decorative trim around the top of the porch. For now, we added the lattice a few years ago and the climbing roses that came with the house are finally beginning to make a showing along with some ivy-type of thing that winds all around, dying off just in time to rip it down so the morning glories can steal the stage in late summer.

I just trimmed almost all the flowers off of the climbing roses the other day in the hopes that it would inspire the bush to keep blooming longer. It seems to have worked because there were a bunch of new buds opening up today. I had read that you should trim the fading flowers back to the first group of five leaves. I think I did that right...

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Anonymous said...

Now I remember! Next time we come to Knoxville we should swing by your house. I would like to see all the work you have done since we were last there.