Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All Muscle.

So, I have been working out. I have always enjoyed (yes, enjoyed) aerobics. I don't know why. I think maybe it is the challenge of keeping up and mastering the moves. I lose interest, though, if I buy a video because once I master it, it becomes boring. Then I quit.

Actually, the last time I did aerobics was probably a Denise Austin VHS 8 years ago! I bought a Salsa dancing exercise DVD but now I find that time is an issue so I have never done it. That and....something else but I'm not sure what. After Annette was born, I found that I really enjoyed belly dancing (don't laugh!) and did a workout video of that sort for a while. It was fun! I did it at random right through my pregnancy with Ivy.

Now, though, I have discovered YouTube. Video clips galore. New stuff everyday. I can even select my videos according to the time I have available (something is better than nothing, right?).

Today I did a 10 minute beginner kickboxing video and found that I don't like kickboxing. No problem! I can go back to dance aerobics tomorrow! After the 10 minute video, I had time to do an abs workout for 4 minutes and a legs and butt one with some dumbbells for 6. I feel good and it's fun! Relatively.

And, here's some interesting news: I already have a four pound difference to report! Unfortunately, the scale is moving in the wrong direction. Must be muscle...


Anonymous said...

Very impressive! I have found that 'working in' at a fitness facility is not an effective program. Rather boring. I'm glad that you found something that would not bore you!

Stange Family said...

you make me smile!

Grandma Falk said...

Yes, "Mix it up" is what they say! Keep your body wondering what's happening! Don't you just love youtube!