Friday, February 27, 2009

Nice days mean great fun outside!

Yesterday was a good day to be outside
Uh, Oh! Crazy face! Ahh...that's better, Vitali. Get some work done!

And see what a couple of cuties these guys are?
And they weren't just posing, either:

The kiddos call this, "Kid's Club," but really? It is just playing that involves paperwork.

Also, it is a good way for everyone to play with Hannah as the Boss--
I mean, ahem, The President.
My new dryer means a big box to play with!Thank you, Vitali, for defending the fort.

See that apple that Misha has?

Here are the seeds:Max saved his too, and they decided
to plant apple trees.
Misha is wearing a hat and coat but that is just because he has been having a few earaches on and off the last week or so and he is being careful. Really, it was a very pleasant day! Love it!!
And I saw a whole bunch of robins in the trees this morning! These are just some meadow birds, though.
Would you look at my handsome boy...
And now today it is pouring...That's spring, for you!


Lynn Falk said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the colors in them. I wish Spring would hurry up and come to Ohio. We're ready!

Melissa E. said...

Or, you could come to spring!

Lynn Falk said...

We'll be there for Easter! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Spring for us equals 10 degrees today - with snow flurries!

Grandma Falk said...

I love the old-fashioned fun the kids enjoy--playing in a big box, planting seeds, and playing club. It doesn't take that much money to make children happy, does it?