Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The anual Christmas tree hunt.

This year's tree hunt almost didn't happen! So much going on that by the time Steve would get off of work, it would be closing time for the tree farm. Finally, though we had a day with an extra 40 minutes between working and closing time. Let's go! But we got lost. We do every year. Unbelievable. After all, we always go to the same place. We called and the guy said he'd stay a little late for us. They closed at 5 and we pulled up at 5ish. We looked high ; Misha looked especially high. Too high, it turned out.We looked low....Hannah loved the fluffy looking trees.

Ivy...not so much.Annette kept picking out "cute" trees. "Isn't this tree adorable?!!"
Yes, Annette, darling.
Ivy, easily distracted had fun finding pine cones.
But at long last, the tree we could all agree on (it wasn't fluffy, but we wore Hannah down with our indecision. It was cold, and like any invincible eleven-year-old, she had under-dressed, putting fashion ahead of heat. Silly girl...)Cut it down, Vitali!
Steve told Vitali that he could drag the tree out. Vitali was happy to do so, but we thought the man who was waiting for us might appreciate it if we moved along. Vita made it a few feet, though.
Now, home to warm up! Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

Such a good memory for the children! I don't see how you can get 8 people to agree on anything though!