Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at our house is a light supper of crackers and cheese type finger foods, followed by cookies, a Christmas movie, a couple of gifts being opened and bedtime.

Here are the kids at dinner time. The "extra" girl is Irina. She was our guest over the summer for four weeks and now is back for a three-week visit. Notice pouting Vitali in the corner of the table. He had been scolded for something. Before the next photo, Steve said, "Vitali, you'd better not be pouting in the next picture!"
So here is his attempt to look cheerful. Hannah seems to have thought the instruction applied to her as well. Over-kill.
After dinner we opened some gifts, and had some cookies. Then...Movie time! One last cookie in hand, we headed to the family room. This year we didn't watch a Christmas movie, we watched one of the gifts, Prince Caspian.
And now..
Good night everyone! Excited kids ran off to bed. Dad and mom got ready for the next morning.
What?! I am always surprised, seems that when I was a kid, Christmas just arrived. When did it start requiring so much WORK!?! Just the same, Steve and I were in bed around eleven. That is thanks to my mom, who took all the kids each Wednesday in December so I could get things done. What an awesome gift to me. When you homeschool, it is hard to find kid-free time to shop and wrap. Let alone get any other pre-Christmas stuff done. Thanks, Mom!

Merry Almost Christmas, Everyone! See you in the morning!


Jane said...

Great pictures!! The cookies look so yummy.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome! I remember all too well how much I would have appreciated a day to myself when I was homeschooling, so it really is fun for me to give you that day. And besides, it gives me the opportunity to do fun Christmas things with the children!


Beth Laurie said...

Love the picture of the gingerbread men.