Friday, December 3, 2010

Mom's Birthday

My mom recently celebrated her 60th birthday. She surely looks great still, doesn't she? I'm hoping I have inherited the 'ageless' gene...
Before she blew out all 60 candles on her birthday cheesecake, Grandma cheated a bit by asking for help from all the kids gathered around.
Who says cheaters never prosper?
Happy Birthday, Mom!


Dawn said...

Is she wearing "the crown"???
Yes, Melissa...she looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Love the candle lighting on those pictures. It was a good birthday celebration. As we get older, the celebration becomes more and more all about the kiddies. They can hardly stand the excitement--they want to help unwrap the gifts and blow out the candles. This year I really needed help with the candles!

Thanks for a great party!