Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Christmas!!

The Living room, pre-invasion:
The kids, eager to invade:
Snow! Perfect for Christmas! East Tennessee doesn't see many white Christmases. Annette says she prayed for snow. So that's one Christmas present enjoyed before we even begin! First, before the gifts and the stockings, we listened to the Christmas story. Steve read to all of us and then Irina read the same story in Russian. Pretty cool:

Happy faces!
The aftermath:


Niobian said...

I think Annette didn't get the dress code for Christmas morning and guessed wrong. She seems a little overdressed for the occasion. :)

Beth Laurie said...

All that work to wrap each gift and in a few minutes they're torn to shreds.

Anonymous said...

Dad always loved the pile of wrapping paper. He wouldn't let me put them in a trash bag as we went along! I think he liked taking a picture of the wall-to-wall colorful paper. It was a mess--but it was a clean mess!

I would love to hear the Christmas story in Russian!

Love the action picture!