Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Annette's Fifth Birthday!

Annette enjoying her cake and drinking out of the cup that Hannah gave her. "I got it for FREE!" Hannah proudly proclaimed to Annette. It came from a local furniture store called Bargain Marty's and I guess 'free' counts as a bargain!

I told Annette last night as I tucked her in that I didn't want her to be five already. She tried to make me feel better and said "Well, at least I was four for a really long time."


Kari Falk said...

Kids don't quite understand that you don't have to share the bargain that you got a gift for. One Christmas, I was opening presents from my students when I opened a little angel figurine. One of my girls exclaimed "I saw that at the dollar store!" The girl who gave me the gift proudly said, "Yeah that's where we got it." It was so cute.

Beth said...

so your continuing the tradition of wearing that old crown uh?

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Annette!!! It was so nice of you to stay 4 for a long time for your Mommy!