Friday, March 9, 2007

Red high heels

Here is a better picture of Ivy's favorite shoes. She has not broken the trend that Hannah set for her sisters; they all love fancy, unusual shoes! Hannah started it with her ruby slippers and now Ivy in her polka dots. At first she couldn't walk in them but now she is quite good at it! I don't let her wear them much because the heel is about an inch and a half (which is pretty high when your foot is only 4 inches long!) and I don't suppose it's very good for her but they sure are cute and it is obvious that she feels like a million bucks when she wears them.


Anonymous said...

She's my sister.I'snt she cute? In
her funny shoes too. lol!!!
her fashonista sister

Anonymous said...

i'm hannah,i'm ivy's sister and she is so cute!

Jennifer Eimers said...

I LOVE the shoes! Great photo!

Warren said...

Fancy... like Dorothy in polka dots. "There's no place like home." Speaking of Dorothy, wasn't that her prenatal nickname?

It looks like you tilted the camera ninety degrees for that picture. Luckily Ivy has compensated for that nicely.

Melissa E. said...

Dorothy is what Hannah called Annette. Annette didn't call Ivy that because she never watches that movie, she says it's too scary.

Hannah had a prenatal nickname too; it was Gordon. jesse Hickok picked that one out.