Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Bunk Beds

In case someone is reading this who doesn't know, we are in the process of adopting three children from the country of Ukraine. Here are the girls trying out the new bunk beds that we got for my birthday (hey, it's what I asked for!). We put them in Hannah's room since hers is the smallest and would most benefit from the added space. Hannah sleeps on the top bunk and is very concious of the admonition printed on the footboard: 150 pounds maximum top bunk capacity. Here she is sitting off the edge, trying to put her weight on the stairs and railings since both Ivy and Annette are up there with her. Maybe for a math problem I should have her add 55+45+25. It was funny when I crawled up there with her; she was trying to be polite but knows that I weigh in the 150 range and was obviously nervous!

Annette "helped Steve to put the beds together with her plastic tools from Grandma Eimers. Here is a picture of her with her two hammers hamming it up. By the way, let me tell you the difference between boys and girls: she has named all of her tools. She got the Idea from Handy Manny, a kids show on TV. One of the hammers is named Pat, naturally.

They don't show up very well in this picture but Ivy is wearing her favorite shoes, the red high-heeled Spanish dancing shoes with white polka-dots that I got her at a yard sale last summer for $1.50. I'll have to post a better picture of her in them later.


Kari Falk said...

It's funny that Hannah is so conscience of the weight limit. Does she like sleeping on the top bunk?

Melissa E. said...

Yes, but tonight she is sick and I told her I would cuddle with her for a bit when she got into bed. I went in there and she was sleeping on the bottom!! Haha!

Hannah is very Black and white; likes to know where the bounderies are so she can sit on them! If there is a rule, like in this case, a weight limit, she doesn't want to take any chances!