Wednesday, November 7, 2007

29 Days to go.

Enjoying the nice fall weather and making rustling leaf piles.

Ivy said to me later in the day, " I fwim in da weeves!" ( I swim in the leaves!)

I'm hiding from responsibility...

I have so much to do that I am down here on the computer pretending like I don't have
only 29 days till I leave the country!

I need to make a list. Or dig up one of the thousand lists that I have already made!
29 days, Y'all, 29 days... Is it possible?

Yesterday, my gums felt like they were aching so I thought it was because of a cavity that I had recently noticed in one of my back teeth that had formed under and old filling. So, I looked. Nope, worse... My tooth right behind that one was crumbling away right at the gum line, badly! How did that happen!!?? So Steve and I called around to a bunch of dentists ( We were in the car when I noticed and we have a miniature yellow pages in there) Everyone is booked forever!

So Steve remembered a dentist that he does some work for and we swung into their office. They were just closing down for the day. She listened sympathetically to our tale of woe and our reason for some urgency--since we were less than a month from leaving the country.
We visited a bit. She was very kind and wanted to help but they were booked through February. She took my phone number in case she had a cancellation in the hopes of fitting me in. Steve left one of our prayer cards with her and we said our goodbyes.

So, the good news is, she fit me! Not even 24 hours later and they had a cancellation!
I have never been so glad to go to the dentist! ( I don't think I have ever been glad to go to the dentist.) Haha!

From there I have to go to church to help teach our girls' Wednesday night class. Only a couple of classes to go. And word is, next week is a pizza party!

OK, time to get to work, now... where's that list?


Nataliya said...

The pictures are perfect - the last one should definitely be framed!

I'm so glad you found the dentist who could fit you in! I just went to the dentist myself yesterday - we need to be in shape for the long trip, right?

Have fun with the lists - I have a thousand of them too :)

Stange Family said...

What wonderful pictures!!

Christine said...

I love how soft the pictures look. Absolutely beautiful in all of their fall splendor. :)

Kelli said...

Such beautiful picture, Melissa! Raking and playing in the leaves is so much fun! I'm so glad you were able to get in and see the dentist!!


Beth said...

You might need to cut back on those sweets Miss:) I like the picture of Ivy in the hammock. She looks a little crazy with that weird smile and her hair sticking up every which way.

Jill and Robb said...

How exciting! We will following your journey. Good luck with your trip to Ukraine.

Be sure to take warm clothing, it gets really cold there...