Monday, November 12, 2007

Gus the mouse

I was reflecting on the state of my basement today. I got the storage room all organized over the weekend but now the excess is all over the basement! Well, I did manage to keep the new bedroom clutter free but it is kind of a small accomplishment in the grander scheme of things. And I do now have a place for everything and I can get at it! A major accomplishment, let me tell you!

Remember the Disney movie, Cinderella? There is the one little mouse, Gus, who tries to gather too many corn kernels for himself and it ends up that when he puts the last one on the stack that the whole pile is spilled so he picks them all up only to have the same problem. That one last kernel never seems to fit!

That is my theory on housework. You can only store so much stuff. You can only spend all day working in one area of the house if you don't mind other parts going to pot in the process!! I'm not complaining...just observing. Although if I thought complaining would help anything, I'd be complaining! LOL! As it is I find it not worth getting too excited about.

After all, someday the kids and all their stuff will be gone. (in theory anyway) I can have every space in my home perfect at the same time then... but for now, That extra "kernel" is worth it. I can overlook the fact that there will probably always be at least one room that could really use a good sorting!

Annette and I worked together to clean up the kitchen this afternoon. She didn't exactly complain about helping but she was eager to be done with the work. So, me? I like to finish a room and sit back and enjoy its neatness. Annette? To her, it looked like a good place to dump out the baby doll clothes and play with Ivy!

That's the way it is! Why fight it?!! :-)


Nataliya said...

Oh, I know the feeling about the extra "kernel" :) Good job organizing the storage room, it's not a small task!

Beth said...

I do the same thing. When I get a room all clean, rearranged or even just put a new picture up, I like to sit in that room and look at my handywork for a while.