Friday, November 9, 2007


I have plans...

My mom decided that she'd like to take the girls overnight every Friday from now until we leave so that they can get used to spending the night there and so that I can have some time to get a few errands done at grow-up speed at least one day a week!

I have a coupon for 15% off at Kohl's so I am planning on going over there and doing some clothes-for-the-trip browsing (and hopefully finding). I think I will also stop by the Goodwill and look for a super fluffy warm winter coat too. I figure my odds of finding one are about 50/50 since we live in a sort-of mild climate and people here don't buy those kind of coats much but at the same time, people who do, realize that those kind of coats are unnecessary here and end up taking them to the Goodwill, where they stay till I get there...Hopefully!

I think I may do some grocery shopping too. Then my big plans for the house are to tackle the storage room. If I don't post for several days you'll know the closet won...

Sounds like fun, right?


Mandie said...

I have a winter coat you can have. I wore it for a few winters in NY, but it's a little too warm for the winters in Pittsburgh. I took a picture of it to email to you, but didn't see your email listed on the site (I didn't look too hard). Let me know if you'd be interested.

Mandie (Pilgrim) Priano

Nataliya said...

What a very good idea about the sleepovers at Grandma's! I'm sure you'll find this extra time very useful especially now when you have only 26 days to go!

Good luck finding a warm coat, you'll definitely need it!

Tami said...

Good thinking on Grandma's part! That extra time will come in handy. I'm also considering my coat situation. I'm not sure if the one I have will be warm enough...but I hate to go out and buy something new for a trip around the world. The Goodwill is a great idea! It's getting closer!

Christine said...

Wow! Two of my girls had a sleepover two nights ago and I went to Kohl's today.

I'm excited for you, only less than a month before you travel. :)

We'll be a while since we barely started the process.