Thursday, November 1, 2007

Planting flowers

The girls and I packed our shovels, rakes, hand-spades , two buckets full of iris bulbs that I had dug up when we changed the landscaping, and a bunch of baggies and packets of seeds that I had but didn't know where to plant and headed down to the end of our street which is a dead end and turn-around. That may be a run on sentence, but if you read it a few times it may begin to make sense....

Annette donned her overalls for the job. Ivy grabbed her pink poodle. I am not sure what the poodle was for.
The winky-eyed smile again.

Planting. I don't know how much will actually grow. I kept thinking of the parable of the seeds and the rocky ground. I hope we have a rainy spring!

Heading home again. Ivy wanted to pull the wagon.

Annette picked me flowers that she found from way back in the weeds.
She rode her little tricycle.

I like this close-up. It shows her pretty eyes and toothless gap.

I like this one too.
Maybe next spring or summer, I'll be showing you pictures of all 6 of the kids picking flowers we planted today!


Dawn said...

Wonderful catch lights in Annette's blue eyes.
Can't wait for those springtime photos, Melissa.

Nataliya said...

You are a great photographer - I love all these pictures!

DoveFamily said...

What beautiful girls!! :)

I forgot to tell you that I dreamed about you guys last week. It was totally crazy. We had some money that we needed to exchange for new bills, and you told me you had new bills we could swap out. So I drove to your house (it's not THAT far?!) and got the money. But when I got home, I discovered you had given me fake bills! I was so upset.

It's funny the things my subconscious is coming up with lately :)

Melissa E. said...

Heh, Heh...I am very sneaky aren't I?

Tami said...

What beautiful photos. I can't wait to see pictures of ALL of the kids picking them next summer!

Kelli said...

Your children are just beautiful! I loved the pictures!

Kelli said...

Your children are just beautiful! I loved the pictures!

Christine said...

What beautiful eyes your daughter has!