Thursday, June 25, 2009

A boyfriend for Indiana Jones.

We have some special friends from our church who take good care of us. :-) Ginger and Richard have graced a blog post or two in the past but this time it is to thank them for our new rooster! Isn't he handsome?! (I mean the rooster)
Indiana is not so happy about her arranged marriage to a short guy with a salt and pepper "hair do" I really don't think it's the feathers or the height so much as they have to establish pecking order. Indiana Jones, it turns out, is a bit of a militant feminist.
That's not following that she is doing. It is chasing.


My two animal lovers. These two really are buddies. And, I am just noticing, remember when Max first came to America? He was the same size as Annette. I think he has taken the lead now only one short year and a half later!

Here is your new home...

Ah! He looks good in it, don't you think?!

And what about his name? So far we are calling him by Grandma Falk's suggestion,
"John Quincy Adams"


Beth Laurie said...

I like that name. Very dignified.

Stange Family said...

I vote for John Quincy Adams, too!