Monday, June 1, 2009

Got a minute? A million beach pictures:

Sun setting on the beach. Ah, how beautiful! I love the warm glow of the last moments of the day. It is so pretty and makes for great photos!

Our friends Angela and Joe invited us and another family to go to the beach with them! We had a fabulous time at the there. Expecting rain, we pulled into Destin just as the clouds parted and the sun came out! We all ran down to the public beach when we first arrived and soaked up some sun. Ahh, it felt good!We actually only stayed one night in Destin. After that we moved down the coast just a little while and stayed in the 'cabins' at Grayton Beach National Park. The 'cabins' were actually more like condos. And while the basic hotel rooms without views were over $160+ with priceline, our condo (still no view) which had room for all of us and a full kitchen, back screened in porch and a grill was only $110/night! We would have needed two hotel rooms, too!

Another plus of staying at the state park was that we had a section of the beach that was practically clear of other people, relatively speaking. Maybe ten other families stretched out this beach within our sight range. It was beatiful and we could easily keep track of everyone. Even when someone wandered (which a couple of mine did)!See in this blurry picture of me, there is no one else there on the beach except Joe and he was with us! Nice!

The kids had a blast:

We even stopped to see the alligators since they eluded our view the rest of the time. We had to go to a special place to see them. The kids were happy to even be able to pet them!
Our final stop on the way home was an overnight in Montgomery (which my good little home-schooled girls recognized as the capital). We couldn't get any adjoining rooms so we split up, girls in one room, boys in the other. I think that I got the better deal! :-) We watched some TV and nobody tried jumping on the beds or yelling or anything. I called over to Steve's room at one point. Different story. ha! ha! Boys!
More pictures in the posts below this one. I told you: a MILLION!


Richard said...

Great photoessay. But it appears you should definitely be the one holding the camera.


Lynn Falk said...

The evening sun looks so pretty in the pictures!