Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Backyard Stinks!

Our backyard stinks. Not that it's a bad backyard. It is a very nice backyard. It has a swing set, a little hill, a small woodsy area. It also has a dead skunk. So, It stinks.

The skunk has actually been tossed across the street into the woods where the main road drains but the smell is still there in the backyard.

So, why did we have a skunk in the backyard? Well, for the last three nights Steve has been out hunting raccoon. He took a few freezer burnt fish sticks and put them out there in the dark and sat and waited for a raccoon with a taste for chicken--or at least one with a hankering for some crappy fish. He didn't sit alone. He had Hussein with him. That is the name of his shotgun.

He didn't wait long before someone came up to take the bait. Actually, it was someones. Bad grammar, I know. Both a skunk and a raccoon were vying for a place under the chicken coop a little ways from the bait but but only inches below a pretty white chicken friend of ours who slept oblivious to the commotion about to occur. I am sure that just as usual Indiana Jones was roosting all snugly in there, softly clucking with every exhale. I imagine that there was a sudden, startled, "BAAWWK" when the scuffle under the coop began. Raccoon vs. Skunk. Who will win?

The scuffle wandered far enough away from the coop for Silent Steve to take aim. Bang! Bang! One down, one running into the woods.

Like I said, my backyard stinks, so you can guess which one made it back to the woods.

Raccoon still at large.


Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage said...

There is nothing worse than the smell of a dead skunk!!!

Mike and Christie said...

LOL... there is a dead skunk down the street from us and it STINKS! I just told the girls, sure glad it isn't in front of our house. :)

We had to kill possums because they were attacking our chickens. They sure are dumb. You walk up with a pitch fork and they "play dead". LOL
Makes it really easy to aim.

Stange Family said...

that's a funny story! :)

Stange Family said...

we have spotted a skunk in our backyard (we don't live out in the country, mind you) several times. Once my husband saw it going under our deck. If it lives there, I hope it is a REALLY sound sleeper!