Monday, June 1, 2009

Painting beach scenes. This is Ivy and Neil. Neil is Five and Ivy is four but everyone loves Ivy and these two have always enjoyed playing together. Now Vitali and Neil are partners in crime as well. (Just not in this picture)

Ah, here are all three amigos. Fake sleeping for naptime. Looks like Ivy could use some acting lessons. But those boys--they are ominously good. Should I be worried?!

Hannah being a modest mermaid.

Filling the wading pool where they will keep their captured sea life for the day.

Another shot of the first moments on the beach. Jane is Angela's oldest daughter and she is the Pied piper. All the kids love her!
This is the main public beach in Destin. The beach we actually stayed at was a semi-private beach where it was blessedly easy to keep track of all 12 kiddos with one sweep of the eye. We even left our stuff there on the beach after our morning visits and came back later in the day to play again. I was glad to be able to set my camera with our bags and fearlessly hang out at the water rather than feeling the need to babysit my equipment.
Hmm, looks like Ivy's dress is holding a little water.

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Lynn Falk said...

The boys are very convincing! Maybe Vitali will be a famous movie star some day!

The beach looks SO fun! We need to get our boys to the beach. They would love it.