Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving diary # 16

I had two things on my list yesterday and I got them both started. That should count for something, right?! The front door had a drip and I was going to sand and paint it but I only got it sanded. And our ceiling in our bathroom had an air bubble that came loose so I was repairing that but only got the first half of that project done. I guess, "type diary entry" should have been on there too since, as it happened, I forgot to check in.

Today, I am planning on finishing the bathroom ceiling and hopefully packing up my computer area, most of which is junk that has accumulated here. We'll see if I get this far.

We went last night with a house to look at in mind, we drove around a while before we realized that the house in question was not built yet! Haha! Just when we thought we might have found a good one!

Oh well!


Richard said...

I hope the 'house' wasn't one on a list from Ginger!!

Melissa E. said...

No. We found it on the internet. Had a picture there and everything!

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you that you should never buy anything sight unseen!