Sunday, May 3, 2009

Picnic fun!

(The kids enjoyed playing in the over-zealous water fountain at the park!)

Just over a week ago we went for a weekend picnic with Heather and Martha, my friend and her mother, who were visiting our springtime while they waited for NY to get moving!

The weather that evening was perfect and we had a nice time at the lake-park near our home. Good food and a relaxing evening. Their whole visit was good but that was my first time to just sit and enjoy Heather's visit for any extended time. (ugh, moving stuff was stealing my time, of course)
Heather and my mom playing corn hole. I beat Heather every time! (in my dreams....)

My Dad

Heather's mom, Martha, models the perfect looking hot dog.
I know Bethany will say that the perfect hot dog wouldn't have onions-- but who asked her?!

An example of Heather showing that she is not bound by conventional ideas of beauty. This may be my submission into What Not To Wear. I figure when they find out that Heather wears an apple slice instead of lipstick, she'll be a shoo-in!
More water fountain fun


Dawn said...

Martha is such a good sport to agree to this photo on your blog! Hey! I had no idea that she even ate HOT DOGS!?! There must have been some sort of delicious relish added.

Hmmm...I think we need to make ourselves a cornhole game.

Anonymous said...

Corn hole is great! Kathy beat me, by the way. But Melissa did not - even though I gave her plenty of chances. I seem to recall telling her she couldn't put the apple picture on line...Nobody takes me seriously!

Heather :)

Lynn Falk said...

Looks like the perfect kind of evening. Picnic food, good friends/family, cornhole, and water to entertain the kids.

Glad you were able to take time out from your hectic schedule to enjoy Martha and Heather!

Beth Laurie said...

Onions are definitely not on the perfect hot dog.