Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moving diary #26

Richard pointed out that my posts have been reduced to one-liners. Yes, they have gotten shorter. In fact, yesterday I didn't post at all. I figure that I am probably pretty boring with my did-this-didn't-do-that monologue. That, combined with the guilt of sitting at the computer when I have work to do has had an effect on my writing the last few days.

But I have been up to something. I have been spray painting things. We have some furniture that we have gotten at yard sales or that we have had since we were married 13 years ago this Monday. I have, in the past, refinished several pieces of furniture, mostly with the help of my friend Heather, but there are a few things that I know I will never refinish but that were still sturdy and functional. One was our night stands. They look great now all in black with their drawer pulls painted silver. Another is a dresser we just bought through a couple of weeks ago. I also painted a side table that I got for $2 at a yard sale up the street. I painted all these things black. Steve is joking that I am going to spray our whole house black but I won't; I promise. ;-)

Want to see the dresser? It was brown but even though the wood is real (all except the insides of the drawers) there is some kind of strange faux stain on it that is more like paper than actual paint. That, combined with brass pulls in fancy shapes, was a mixture of cheap and dressy that bothered my eye.

I removed all the drawer pulls, rubbed them with steel wool and sprayed them with aluminum colored spray paint like I had done with the nightstands. I sprayed the whole dresser shiny black. And, with the pulls re-installed, it looks great! I love the sleek, crisp look of the black and silver. I also realized that the lines of the dresser are decorative enough for it not to be stark but simple enough for my plain, not frilly taste.

It looks so small in the pictures but it is really quite tall.

Makes me want to paint something else black....


Anonymous said...

Come to think of it...I have a few things that need refinishing...come on up and help! Where is the desk, by the way...I haven't seen it in a while. :) Heather

Melissa E. said...

The desk was in the basement here...

Richard said...

Very good post, Melissa. Now we are able to know that you have indeed ignored your to-do list for a few minutes.

Now, go finish painting the house black.


Tami said...

LOVE IT! Black makes everything look better. Your dresser looks absolutely stunning. When you're done bring your black spary paint over to my house. I've got a couple of bookcases that need some attention! :)

Dawn said...

I like the dresser! Black is a color I am seeing around blogland....It works on so many levels.
RE/ the one liner posts: Most of my posts are one liners. I do not think I could have piled up 1200 posts if I had done any more than that.
Have a wonderful weekend, M.
Say hey to your mum if you see her.

Stange Family said...

wow, it looks great black!!
Happy Anniversary! (we celebrated 11 years earlier this month)