Saturday, May 9, 2009

Moving diary # 19

I skipped yesterday's post which would have mentioned my porch painting from the day before. I am going to try and keep today's post shorter than usual. Think I can do it?

What did I do yesterday? I took a picture of the outside of the house while my climbing roses are blooming, the sky had swept aside it's clouds for the moment, and everything had a sparkle thanks to the nonstop rain we had been working around lately. Then, we took a break and the kids and I went to Grandma's house. We haven't been for a visit in weeks--only brief "Hellos" and "goodbyes" at church. It was time. Grandma made scones (Annette calls them crones) and had a tea party for the kids which they always cheer about. She read books and they watched a couple of Gene Autry episodes with Grandpa.

I did get one other thing done yesterday, I guess. I bought the paint for today's project: Neutral colors for the living room and hallway. They are currently blue. I like the color but I recognize that not everyone will envision themselves in a blue living space so, Neutral it is! I matched the paint to my bedroom color which means that I can just paint the one wall in my room that has dings and not paint the whole room over. I would like to take this moment to thank myself for the mommy's-room-is-not-a-playroom-for-kids rule: Thank you, self. You have shown great foresight and for this I am grateful.

So, that tells you what I am doing today. Taping. Painting. Painting. Painting....

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