Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moving Diary # 17

It is beginning to look like lists are my downfall...I make them...they discourage me. I should go back to my favorite list-making method which is to write down everything I have gotten done today and then cross things off. So satisfying. Cheating, but strangely satisfying.

Reminds me of Vitali, who couldn't seem to win at memory the other night. He was complaining about his inadequacy and Steve took mock-pity on him. Steve turned all the cards the right-way-up and told Vitali that he could go first. Vitali didn't say, "Daddy...that would be cheating!" Nope. He dove right in and beamed as he kept exclaiming to us, "Look! I have O' Loss (a lot) of matches!" And he did. Over half. Then, he messed up (to his credit, three were left upside down) and Ivy got to go next. Of course, she cleaned up the rest and was also unaffected by sportsmanship's call. The next morning Vitali spent the better part of an hour on the floor playing cheater-memory (which, ironically, requires no memory whatsoever)! Ah, to find a game you are good at. That is the stuff of life...

And back to my moving to-do list for yesterday:

Feed the kids check.

morning chores check.

laundry check

wash rags for Steve check

Feed the kids again check

put another layer of mud on bedroom ceiling. Check.

schoolwork check

Make dinner to go so we can meet the Realtor after the boys' horse riding class. check

Meet the Realtor; look at houses check

hang up clothes check

pack a couple of boxes, tape and label check.

clean up before bed. check

flop into bed, tired but having gotten so much done! Check.

See how well that works? And, now, rather than jinxing myself by telling you my plans for today, I will just surprise you (and myself) tomorrow!


Tami said...

I think I'm liking this cheater version of making lists much better. Who wants to do this things on my list anyway? Not me, that's for sure! :)

Stange Family said...

I LOVE your list making strategy!