Friday, May 1, 2009

Moving diary # 15

Took a picture of the kids yesterday evening. I like it except for Hannah's slightly annoyed expression...Oh well, can't win em all! And, yes, I got the whole yard mowed!

We got our storage room cleaned out almost entirely today. Steve was home due to rain. A trip to the dump, another to the storage unit, and one to the Goodwill. Ahhh... Feels good to have so much more stuff gone!

It's late and I am off for a ladies' thing all day tomorrow. :-) Leaving early so, goodnight!


Lynn Falk said...

I love this picture. How many did you take to get one where they are all looking?! It's hard enough for me with only 3.

Stange Family said...

I love this picture!

Christine said...

Lovely lovely group photo!