Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clearly, we have lost our minds...

We went to dinner at our friends' house last night. We didn't come home with a little aluminum foil covered plate of leftovers. No, not us. We came home with a PET. Not just any pet, either. A CAT! And, do you want to know who the softy is who caved to his little begging girlies? Daddy. Yup. Mr. Not-a-cat-person.
A black cat will be a photography challenge for me. Here, I forgot to turn off the flash so it, confused, thought I was taking a picture of a black hole climbing a tree and flashed for me. How thoughtful. Ungrateful me doesn't like flashes very much.
Good morning, little kitty. We want you to know that it has rained incessantly here for several days. Enjoy those long, waving grass fronds. They will hopefully be gone tomorrow...

Well, kitty, now you've seen us in our jammies.
You are officially part of the family...

These guys are thinking very carefully. About what? The cat, of course. What are they thinking? I have no idea, but I have endless speculations. They stayed up there on the hill like a couple of gossiping girls peeking out from behind those trees trying to look uninterested every time they caught us looking at them.

This new little guy is a hit around here. Annette and Hannah are out in the garage right now making him a house out of a cardboard box, some rags, string and an old hacky sack. Reports are that he loves his house. LOVES it. So the reports say.

He doesn't officially have a name but his name was Houdini at his old house. Hannah suggested we add "Hairy" to the front to change it to Hairy Houdini. Steve wants to call him Chyorni or Koishka, Russian for 'black' and 'cat', respectively. My guess is he'll just stay Houdini. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Don't visit anyone who just happens to keep elephants!

Congrats on your latest adoption! (And who wouldn't like a house with such creative furnishings, anyway?)


Mike and Christie said...

LOL... our Kittie is just great, and is also an outside girl. :)
She lives on the front porch and is learning to "pounce"... it is so funny to watch. She'll get down really low, and all of a sudden jump out at your feet, or an unsuspecting chicken. LOL All in a good kitty day's play. :)
Makes our grand daughter scream at least once a day by jumping out at her.

Melissa E. said...

Actually, there is a place around here where they rescue elephants. We passed it not too long ago while looking for land. Not friends of ours though. Yet. ;-)