Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good week at VBS

A few weeks ago (yes, this post is out of order) the kids attended the VBS at a little church that is practically our neighbor. Actually, I guess that it is our neighbor since it is the only building we can see to that direction.The little church is up a hill and since their VBS is an evening one, the kids could head up there after a quick dinner and Steve and I could have two hours to ourselves every night for a WEEK! We had a great time and so did the kids. Win, Win!The church is very small. So small in fact that they were wishing we would start attending there on Sundays because their children's group could jump from four to ten! The childrens' teachers were able to spend more time with them one-on-one and, of course, the highlight for the kids was cookies and juice, crafts, and little prizes that they got each night. We enjoyed watching the pretty sunsets each evening from the top of the hill. The final night was a pizza party and we all sat outside and had a slice of pizza while another of the beautiful sunsets cast its golden glow on everyone. The prizes were unassuming. I am pretty sure that most of them came from yard sales but the kids didn't care one bit! A prize is a prize after all! Their crafts came home the final day in little bags.Steve and I enjoyed the walk up the hill each night to drop off and pick up the kids. By the end of the week, the older four made the mini-trek themselves but we still had to walk with the little ones. The final night was a little program where the kids sang the songs they had learned that week.Steve and I went swimming one night and out to eat another night. We also went for walks and had friends over to play scrabble and share ice cream one evening. I am already looking forward to next year! :-)

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Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage said...

Isn't it funny how 2 hours alone seems like a slice of heaven! Time to just talk without being interrupted. And your kids were having fun! Bonus!!