Friday, August 21, 2009

They're Here!

Our baby chicks arrived today! Wow! The excitement around here was undeniable. I admit to being pretty pleased myself. What fun to watch the kids squealing with delight and amazement!Everyone wanted to be first to see the little fluffy ladies. I could hardly get them from the post office guy for all the clamoring and "Let me see!" pleadings.

Nobody wanted to sit down in the car but we had to get the little peeps home. After all, they had just spent days in that box without food or water!

The squealing started again with, "Can I hold one?!" added to the commotion. What fun!
Ivy still has her little chubby baby hands. Aren't they sweet?
And look how "cozy" that baby chick is!
Four at once. I am not sure how many kinds there are. Some differences are subtle and I am not sure if the difference is individuality or breed. We'll have to figure that out.
Temporary chick house. Blissful children.
This one is missing it's upper beak. I named her Pinocchio. What looks like a stub of a beak is actually just the nostril part. It is kind of soft, like cartilage. I really will be surprised if this one survives. Maybe it will find a creative way to eat. But it had better hurry!

One of the chicks arrived dead. I guess that was the extra. The rest, 25, including Pinocchio, were fine and frisky!

These are "Rainbow Layers". Several different breeds of chickens that lay different colors of eggs. Blue, green, brown(?) and I don't know what else. We'll find out. The blue layers, mixed with a brown laying breed will give pink eggs--at least that is what I have read.

Our chicks are all hens. That is what they tell us. They ship at one day old but I think that there is some way that they influence gender (rather than just determine it).
I will have to look that up.

Aww...Aren't they sweet?! Both of them!

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Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage said...

wow!! You are the chick in the know! I had no idea they shipped chickens to people through the post office!! Or that there were so many varieties of chickens! I am learning so much here today!!!

They are your house!