Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sad again.

A couple of mornings ago I noticed the lack of morning crowing coming from our backyard. I looked out back and sure enough, the coop had not been locked up the night before. After last week's removal of Indiana Jones, our only rooster now was John Quincy Adams. After noticing the quiet, I nudged Steve awake and quietly told him what I suspected. We went out to inspect. Mostly because we were trying to avoid having Annette find a mess. We didn't find anything at first and for a moment we were perplexed. Then we saw the feathers. Not on the bird. So we had a very, very sad little girl that morning. All morning. Fortunately, the reminder that we have 25 baby chicks coming this week cheered my little girl somewhat. And having a cuddly kitty to sit with you doesn't hurt, either.Unfortunately, little sisters like kitties too.
Ivy wins the kitty. Annette was fine with it, really.

Now to find a comfortable position to snuggle.
This isn't it...
I don't think this one will work, either.

Look at that happy kitty.
Hey, little friend, will you please sit still?

Ah. This is better.

And Annette? She was feeling better by lunchtime. Playdough always helps.


Drew, Michelle, Luke and Sage said...

Oh man!!! I am sorry about John. How did the other kids take it?

The poor kitty looks like he would rather be napping somewhere!

Beth Laurie said...

Maybe you should install a security system for the coop. Or maybe, to save money, you can just get one of those ADT signs and put that in front of the coop so the racoons will think there's an alarm and leave it alone.

Melissa E. said...