Thursday, August 16, 2007

Broken Foot

I keep a plastic container on an unused part of my kitchen counter for miscellaneous things. I don't really have a junk drawer at all. I have a couple of seed packets that came in the mail, a coupon or two, a screw that must have come from something but I don't know what yet... that sort of thing. The main content of my box is stuff that the girls want me to glue. If something breaks, like a piece of doll house furniture, they just know to put it in my box and I will get to it. I also keep my super glue there. It is a system that works well for me.

Today, though, we had an emergency! Something that just couldn't wait for the box! I heard Annette start crying in her room--hard. Now, Annette is very emotional but this sounded serious. I though she must be bleeding or something! I hurried that way and met her in the hallway carrying her beautiful china doll that her Grandma Eimers had given her. She lifted the skirt and wailed the horrible news....
"wye zhiahh lolll ih rooooaaaahhhnnneeddd!"
( My china doll is ruined!)
In truth, the doll had tipped over and fallen and her foot had broken off into several pieces. Poor Annette was devastated. Hannah tried to comfort her and I took the doll and the pieces to the kitchen, grabbed my glue and performed plastic surgery on her. One piece is gone forever but the rest came together pretty well and we overcame the crisis together and it was kind of nice to see the girls all huddled around each other getting or giving needed comfort. I'm so glad I am home with them each day.


Nataliya said...

Oh poor Annette! I'm so glad you were able to come to the rescue!

Melissa said...

Ohh! How sweet! Poor little girl, but I'm so glad the emergency was handled so quickly for her. It's very nice that she was able to see such a wonderful solution to a problem she had, mixed with family love. :)