Saturday, August 25, 2007

Time Gone By


I found this in my files the other day. My old digital camera ( the cheap one) took video but without sound (max 8 sec.). I occasionally took a few seconds of video and then emailed it to my parents who then lived in NY. I guess Ivy must be about four months, almost five in this picture because she is just learning to sit up. My how time flies by.

My one regret with our adoption is that I won't have been able to enjoy these little milestones of babyhood with them. I will, however, get to hear them learn to communicate with us in English and I can't wait to hear their little Slavic accents!

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BethPie said...

And imagine all the neat "firsts" they'll get to experience once they are with you!

I don't know if you ever read Owlhaven's blog ( but the stories she shared about her two new daughters from Ethiopia are absolutely precious! So much of what they are experiencing now is new and amazing.

I bet they're accents will be adorable. ;o)