Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To-Do: Braid Hair Elaborately... Check.

One of my regular blog-land visitors, Melissa, (such a lovely name, don't you think?) posted about to do lists. It made me think of mine. 'Course, she uses purple check marks and I use a hot pink cross-out line, but it is universally satisfying to cross a thing off a list, isn't it? In fact, if I get something done and it wasn't on my list, I will often write it on just so I can cross it off! Do any of you do that? Ha Ha!

And, completely unrelated to that (except in the sense of spending time that I maybe would have better spent on my list...) are these pictures of what's left of Annette's hairdo from yesterday. I call this a "crown braid". It's a French braid that wraps around her whole head. My mom used to do this with me except that side ponytails were more in style then so instead of braiding it to the tips of the hair and wrapping it over the top, she would tie it off and curl the ponytail that hung down at the side. Not that this is exactly "in style", just that I felt like I was hot stuff in a side ponytail back in the '80s!

It's pretty 'windswept' looking today but I think it looks so cute and if we weren't getting a family picture done this afternoon as well as going to church tonight, I would just leave it there all day.
It's so hard to get Annette to be happy with "up" hairdos. Despite the fact Cinderella wore her hair up to the ball, Annette does not count "up" hairdos as being beautiful. This one counted for her though. I think it helped that we went out that evening and quite a few people complimented her on it!
Annette LOVES flattery!
(who doesn't?)


DoveFamily said...

Hi Melissa,
I just stumbled across your blog today. My husband & I are also in the process of adopting from Ukraine. We were submitted on July 16 and are awaiting our appointment date.

Congrats on your submission - praying that you get good news very quickly!

mom-to-be in Georgia

Melissa said...

It's nice to see your to-do list with so many household items on it as well! I do the same thing as you, where I write it down just to check it off just to get the feel of accomplishment! :D
Thanks for the link to your adoption blog, I see it on your sidebar as well now.
Annette's hair is beautiful! I can french braid straight down but have never tried around the head. It's just darling on her.

Dawn said...

Aaah, yes...the crown braid. I miss those days. Granddaughter E hardly will sit still for piggy tails..although Aunt Jessica seems to be able to get her to do most anything.
Your Annette looks beeeee-youuuu-tiful in her crown.
And lists...I am working on mine today. T is due in tomorrow night with his fiancee..and I have been enjoying the cross off process.
So virtuous, don't you agree??

Nataliya said...

Wow, Melissa, I always wanted to learn how to do a French braid! Annette looks absolutely adorable with her hair done!

Kelli said...

Oh, such pretty daughter you have and the braid is wonderful!!

I like making lists and even better checking things off of them! :0)

P.s I think you are right about the preserves!

Tami said...

Oh yeah! I'm a list maker...but I make these neat little boxes next to the item and then love coloring in the box when I've finished a task. It drives my co-workers nuts! I also have lists on little yellow sticky notes all over my computer monitor. A bit over the top, I'm sure!
I love the do you do that?! My daughter has beautiful long blond hair, and I am completely inept at helping her do anything but comb it and put it up in a ponytail!

Stange Family said...

I, too, will add something to my list just so I can cross it off :)
Annette...such a pretty little girl.
Didn't Steve once do a "how to" speech on braiding hair using your head as an example for a project for English class? My memory has it occuring in the last room on the left in the high school hall at, that's not something I ever thought I'd think of again :) said...

These are some of the many pictures
Annette did not have her eyes closed

Melissa E. said...

...That was Hannah ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think actually, Melissa did the hairbraiding - Steve did the "taking a shower"!

Melissa E. said...

Yes, remember that he wore two layers of clothes that day--all day? We didn't know it until he went behind his screen and started "stripping". We all thought that he was just stripping down to shorts under his pants or something until his boxers came flying out and landed on my desk! There was a lot of hooting then. Especially when he announced that "when you are done showering you get out of the shower..." We didn't know what to expect! But out he came, fully clothed! Pretty funny.

Speaking of Steve--and school--remember the "devil" costume?!!