Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Science and Stuff

We got this book of simple experiments at the Lenoir City Library the other day. Hannah has been so excited to try to do the experiments. Yesterday we did two of them involving food coloring. One was to illustrate that heat rises. A bottle of hot, colored water submerged in a jar of clear, cool water. The colored water rose up and curled out and into the cool water. It looked like a little volcano.
The other was the old favorite: food coloring in the water to color flowers. Hannah was sooooo thrilled to be doing these experiments!
She kept saying, "This is so fun!,
I can't believe this is school!"
and she also confided in me that all her friends are jealous of her home schooling. She is talkative anyway but doing stuff like this turns her into an instant "Chatty Cathy", babbling on and on and on....
By the way, notice that Lava lamp? Hannah got that at a yard sale this spring. Actually, Hannah had run out of money and the very generous Annette, who saw Hannah's longing, paid the dollar out of her own money and bought it for her big sister. Very sweet of Annette. And believe me, Annette knows and reminds us every once in a while, reciting the whole story, highlighting the part--with mock humility --where she saved the day. I have learned that Annette shows her love by giving but feels loved herself when she is praised. So, in a sense, she isn't bragging for bragging's sake, she's just asking for a verbal hug. Of course, the rest of the world won't look at it that way so a little etiquette instruction is in order-- but it's still kind of cute to me!
The flowers in the colored water. Some of the stems are split, resulting in flower heads that are half one color and half another. Hannah's favorite was the blue/green one.

My favorite. Dipped in red for a couple hours and then moved to the yellow overnight.

Hannah has designated this one for Grandma Falk, whose favorite color is yellow. Yellow worked the best.

Grandma Falk is coming to get the girls today
as she has on Wednesdays since the beginning of July. It started so that they could attend the Wednesday events at Mom's library but that ended a couple of weeks ago so now they are taking advantage of the pool in Mom's subdivision till it closes for fall.
It's a great time for me to get stuff done. (Today is to sort the toys. Shhh....) And this weekend the girls and I and Mom may go to visit my sister, Bethany. I haven't asked Steve yet. He may think it sounds fun to have the whole house to himself or he may think he'll be too lonely. We'll see. I don't think we've ever gone away without him. Mostly because I don't like to drive on the interstates (my pet phobia) so that keeps us pretty nearby. Yes, Yes, I know, I need to get over it and learn....


Melissa said...

That's sweet about big sister being attentative to her little sister and being unselfish. My little boys are close like that as well and I love to see their relationship grow strong.

The coloring carnations is something I've never seen before! This is something that I can't wait to do with my boys now. It will be a special centerpiece for our dinner table! This year I'll have to buy the flowers, but next year I'll have to remember to plant carnations in my (future) cutting garden for this purpose! :)

Beth said...

I like the yellow one the best