Saturday, August 18, 2007


Does anyone else think Monk is absolutely hilarious or is it just me? I am so glad it's on at 9:00pm again. It's the perfect incentive to get the girls in bed on time and maybe even pop a bowl of popcorn! It's also a great chance to snuggle with my honey on the couch, too!


Beth said...

I'm so disapointed that we don't get USA. We only have basic cable so we don't get to watch Monk. I miss it. I love that show too. We've thought about getting the next size cable package, but it jumps us up in price so much and it's too much to do that for only one program. I wish we could just buy that channel for a couple of bucks a month. That would be perfect.

Melissa E. said...

Beth do you have cable internet?

Missy said...

I have to agree! Monk kills me! And to top it all off, my boyfriend is, by his own admission, very "monkish" If he kills you on tv, try living with him. :)