Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fundraiser for the Adoption: Yard Sale!

Now, I know this is not good manners since I made these cupcakes myself and all, but I am telling you;
if I were a customer at my yard sale, I would have bought two of these!
Sprinkles and mounds of fluffy white frosting are nearly irresistible to me!

This was Hannah's own idea. She labeled herself "the Magician" and did her favorite magic trick free for each customer. Many of them put donations (or, as Annette called them, "Dalmatians") into her specially designated jar. She made over $20! Good for her!
Annette kept busy handing out little slips of paper with our name and website address on them as if they were golden tickets! The highlight for her was when one guy gave her a little stack of quarters just to be friendly!

It was an especially hot day. My mom helped out in addition to letting us use their garage by putting big jugs of water and sweet tea outside for the customers to cool off with. She also made all of us "workers" ice cream cones! Yummy!

Some of the shoppers. :-)

We had a pretty successful day but I am surely glad it's over! Hannah asked me about "the next time we have a yard sale" on the way home. "I don't plan to EVER have another one if I can help it, Hannah"!
But we were willing to go through the torturous process for the sake of getting our little ones! Still, I am happy to be done. Phew! They sure are a lot of work. I found a website online with lots of great hints written in a very humorous way. I saw several violations of her "what not to do" items on our way to my mom and dad's this morning. LOL!


kari said...

How did you do at the garage sale?

Melissa E. said...

We made $250 dollars. I was hoping for more but I am happy with that. That week, one of Steve's customers also made a donation through our website of $250. So it was a good week, bringing in $500! That gift was a real blessing worth more than it's cash value because we (especially Steve) were feeling rather discouraged that day after finding out that our projected expenditures may need to go up---Again. I guess we needed a "God-nudge" and he knew it. He's still watching our for us!

Incidentally, Kari...I was thinking of posting a "missing person" post here. I was wondering what had become of you. Missed you!

Now, where has Lynn been...?

Lorretta said...

Good for people to know.