Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Boomsday in Knoxville!

Every Labor Day, Knoxville has an AMAZING fireworks display. I mean, you really have most likely never seen anything like it. They shoot the fireworks off from a big bridge and you can see it from all along the river. They call this Boomsday. There are many that shoot way up in the air and many that are like the ones pictured where they span the bridge but don't sail off into the sky and explode. Then there are a bunch that actually happen on the water and then shoot up in the sky! This year they even had several times when the fireworks were shot off of the buildings across the river and behind us on another bridge so that the effect was that they wrapped all around--surround sound, if you will. The highlight of it all is the "waterfall" that they do each year which is really a sight to behold. All this is choreographed to music! You have to see it to really appreciate it.
This year we went with my sister Beth (who took all these photos except the last one), and her husband John, and several friends of theirs. We showed up a little too late to really get good spots but it was still really great. My brother Evan, who we had to convince to come, stood by me snapping pictures with his camera phone saying "Wow!" over and over.
Now, 350thousand+ people attend this event so you can bet that getting out of there was an adventure of its own. Still I think it's worth it--I always have to talk Steve into going, though. He says we have to wait a few years before we go again (because he hates crowds and traffic) but I am already planning to hit him with the guilt card since we should have our adopted children by then and wouldn't they be amazed....? I'll let you know if it works.


Beth said...

Is that last one from a magazine or online or something because I don't remember seeing that this year.

Purple Princess said...

that was from the Boomsday website.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh . . .You have to be close to me . .. :)
We live here! Went down to the riverfront and came home because it was sooo crowded. We watched them on TV and had ice cream. We need to stake out a spot next summer.