Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Why don't I remember my camera for the best times?
Two times today I wished I had my camera. First was actually me wishing I had had my camera before I got one section of my landscaping finished. ( I told you I always forget the "before" pictures and end up with "during"!) The other was this evening.

We started running low on stones for our landscaping efforts and decided to make a family outing to the creek. We had a good time and found a perfect spot where it wasn't too swift or too deep or muddy or anything else like that. We were able to load the back of our big ol' Suburban with quite a pile of stones and then took some time to play and, not surprisingly, watch each of the girls take a turn "falling" into the water. Ivy is the only one whose fall probably was 100% accidental!

It would have been so fun to post some pictures of the outing but unfortunately someone forgot the camera. OK, Ok, it was me.

We really would have enjoyed a video camera too. We cracked up when our girls proved to be extremely crawdad-shy! They would only catch them in plastic cups and then wanted to bring the last little guy home. Steve said no but I said, "if you can pick him up, you can take him home!" thinking that was the same as "no". Now they were motivated! One of them almost touched it but then it must have wriggled around because they both jumped back screaming! Steve and I were laughing so hard!

Steve couldn't resist so he went over and showed them how to pick it up. And would you believe it? Annette finally did! So we brought 'Julian' home. (Sorry, Bethany, I know you liked that name...)

Hey! I'll take a picture of him and post it later so that you can all enjoy our souvenir too! At least I can get one picture to represent our day. ( I was forced to recycle an oldie but goodie of Ivy on this post)

Steve's mom is still doing poorly. I guess she won't be having surgery till Friday. It looks like his Grandma is a lot more stable now. They have made arrangements for her to recoup in a nursing home for a bit.
Thanks for your prayers. I know they would still appreciate them.

I think I'll go snuggle with my honey for a bit now that the kiddos are in their beds. They all have the sweetest little smiles on their faces tonight.


BethPie said...

Your evening sounds like so much fun. I love the fact that you can just go play in a creek. We don't get too close to any bodies of water down here in Florida (alligators). My kids love it when we go up north and can actually walk in creeks and fish in ponds! ;o)

We'll keep your husband's mom and grandmother in our prayers.

Nataliya said...

Your description of your outing was much better than any picture! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Purple Princess said...

well at least you remember to bring to snacks.