Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hannah's Blogging Adventure

My daughter Hannah is SUPER excited. Why? because for her typing class this year, she gets to have her own blog! I have actually been upstairs and heard her just squeal out loud at the computer with sheer delight! I remember doing that when I was younger! (But not at the computer. Probably something about boys...)

So, of course you are all asking, "Where is this
illustrious blog and how can I visit it?!!" The answer is easy, my friends! Just click here! She is checking for comments as often as I let her!

Oh, and if you see comments on your blogs from Purple Princess, that's her screen name. She named her blog "Hannah Glamma".

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Leslie said...

That's great! My Hannah has a blog too: and we have a family blog where all the kids can write things:
With only one computer in the house, not a lot of writing gets done, but its good exercise for their minds!