Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How do you like it?

I finally figured out how to change my headers and stuff. Woohoo! I am so excited! I'll post a couple of pictures of Hannah's birthday later. That IS what I came down here to do, after all. Now that I have frittered away all this time--especially considering the fact that this is Wednesday and I have to be at church tonight, I must--absolutely MUST, get something done!!!

Something not involving the computer, that is.


Beth said...

This is nice. I like it.

Lib said...

I just found your blog,very nice.
I saw "Booms Day" I live in Knox.
Glad you enjoyed it. It's the biggest fireworks display in the U.S.
Hope you can come back to Knox.:o)

Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

Lovin' the new look!

Stange Family said... do that too??? :)