Friday, September 7, 2007

Story Time

Ahhhh.... the life!

Hannah, who will be eight years old in a few days (I can't believe it!), is lying on the floor in her very messy room early this morning listening to the Narnia series being read on CD. She has already read the books herself and really enjoyed them. She also loved the movie and is looking forward to the next one. She got the CDs out of the library a couple of weeks ago and has been spending all her spare time the same way, lying on her floor. (When she isn't blogging, that is) I have encouraged her to clean while she listens since she's in there and all--and she does start doing it. trouble is, she is so entranced by the stories that she works in a daze and soon forgets what she was doing! That clean patch she is lying in is the progress she has made.

Now, I am expecting my friend Heather to get on here and make a comment about what she remembers that my room used to look like! I think that is why I don't make a big deal about Hannah's. She cleans it up probably once a week which is more than I had to do and she really is a big help in other parts of the house. I don't know if she left it there, but on her blog she was describing her family members and was going to write, "This is my mom, she is a lot like me." I think it's the other way around but very cute that she picked up on that! I think it must have taken me a long time to realize that my mom had a personality apart from just her "Mom-ness"!
Hannah wasn't talking about the messy room stuff. Just in general.

I am glad I can understand where Hannah is coming from so much of the time! I am often lost about Annette because she is SOOOO different from me. My mom will often identify with her personality, though, and I see a lot of her Grandma Eimers in her, too. So, at least I have translators!

Thanks for so many of you commenting on her blog! She is going to be thrilled!


Nataliya said...

Hannah is doing such a great job with her blog, I just left her a comment! She's such a beauty (all of you are!), you are very blessed.

Anonymous said...

Like mother, like daughter...I was thinking it before I even started reading! And then, of course, I had to leave some sort of comment.