Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy 8th Birthday!

Dear Hannah, Happy Birthday! I can't help but think of the day you were born. You've heard the story many times but I get to remember it in my heart. There is just nothing like waiting to meet your first child and then meeting her at last! We were so excited to meet you that we didn't even remember to check if you were a boy or a girl for several minutes!I am so glad we chose to have you be born at home. What a special time it was to just be with you that night. I woke up so many times just to stare at you and your daddy and I were so tired after you were born but still, when we had the chance to go to sleep, we just stared and stared at you in awe and love.
One thing that you have always held special is that you were able to meet Great Grandma A. before she went to Heaven. I always have thought it was sweet how you talk about that day as if you remember it even thought you were only a month old! Your tender heart shows when we sing Grandma's favorite song and you and Great-grandpa always get teary-eyed. You were the only Great-grandchild she got to meet. I wish she could see how beautifully you have grown...
Happy Birthday, Sweetie! You will always be my first baby--Even if you aren't always the oldest! We love you soooo much. We are so proud of how you are becoming your own person and how you love those around you. You are so full of life! The best part is, you are full of Jesus! That is the best thing of all!

Hugs and Kisses and, nope we didn't forget,
Eight birthday spankings (and one to grow on!) from your loving family.
--especially me, your mama


Anonymous said...


That was so sweet! My pregnancy hormones made me all teary-eyed. I'm sure that makes all moms remember the day they gave birth to their first-born. There is nothing like it. It's sad how fast they grow up.

Enjoy Hannah's 8th birthday. I still can't believe she is eight!


Nataliya said...

Oh, what a moving post! Hannah was such a pretty baby and now she's a beautiful young lady.

I love the picture of 3 of you, it's so precious! And you were so brave to have Hannah at home!

Stange Family said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!!!

BethPie said...

Precious memories. Happy belated Birthday, Hannah. :o)