Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday Night

I am getting ready to do some grocery shopping today and then tonight, despite the shopping, is pizza night: Little Caesers $5 large and a side order of breadsticks for a buck--once we get the other kids here we will probably have to switch to 2 pizzas and 2 breadstick sides. Grand total: $12--not bad for a night out for a family of 8!

On Wednesday nights we go to our church for their mid-week meetings. I love the mid-week format. They call it LCU (Life Change University) and it is structured in such a way that it is easy to find a topic of interest each "semester". Steve often has taught classes and when he does, I go to those, but other classes I have enjoyed have been on Creation Science, General apologetics (defense of the Faith), and more specific apologetics classes.

This semester, though, I am the teacher. Well, the teacher's assistant anyway! My friend Marie enlisted my help in teaching a class to young girls on Proverbs 31: 10ff. The big project we are working on is in the height of production right now: each girl is making a small pillow. Tonight I am taking my sewing machine and Marie is taking hers and hopefully we will helping a lot of the girls to sew their pillows around the edges, leaving a gap for the stuffing (next week?). This is a huge undertaking but especially so because we have about 24+ girls (quite a bit more than we should have allowed) and time is at a premium! I think we'll do all right but I expect this week and next to be kind of crazy!

What are you up to?


Anonymous said...

Tonight I am going to a new Bible Study at our church for the young married women. Our Pastor's daughter is teaching it. It's at her house, which is across the parking lot from the church. It will be a laid back, comfortable atmosphere with food :) We are reading a book called, Damsels in Distress. It deals with problems women face and gives biblical solutions to solve them. Should be fun.

The boys are in the Awana program. They have been learning their verses for tonight. This is Isaac's first year in Cubbies and he loves it. Ethan is in Sparks and seems to like it okay. Tonight is pajama night so they are excited about that!

Every Wednesday night we go to a restaurant here called, Skyline. Cincinnati is kind of known for their chili. It is not like chili you are probably thinking of. It has a very different taste to it. Warren and I didn't like it when we first moved here, but now we love it! Anyway, kids eat free on Wednesday evenings. Our family of 4 eats for about $9.00.


Melissa E. said...

Sounds like fun! I think I've had the chili, didn't like it but maybe I would if I weren't thinking of "chili".
I also remember AWANAs. Our church does something else but I have seen the AWANA program at some other local churches.

So, do they get the Chili all over their shirts before or after church?!! That's the one drawback of pizza!

Have fun!

Tami said...

Wednesday night is all about AWANA at our house. Unfortunatly, I don't get off work until 5 p.m. and AWANA starts at 6:30 - and I have a 30 minute commute - plus have to pick the kids up from the babysitters.
You can imagine the mayhem. Most Wednesdays the kids eat PB&J for supper - which they love!
I'm the Sparks leader, Meshack is a Sparks helper and Punky and JacJac are Sparkies. Q-ball is in TNT.
It's a lot of work, but TONS of fun!

Kelli said...

Hi Melissa! What a wonderful class to teach! I'm sure the girls will have so much fun making their pillows! I'm glad to hear that your children enjoyed the "Man in a Boat" lunch. :0)


BethPie said...

Lynn - We LOVE Skyine! I grew up on it. :o) My family is from KY and I lived south of Cinci as a little girl. There are actually a few here in FL, but not close enough, so my mom mails me the little packets and we make it homemade! My mouth is watering right now.

Melissa, we had pizza tonight, too. I didn't have time to cook because of 1) school work with the kiddos and 2) preparing my lesson for the Mission Friends class I teach on Wednesdays (four year olds). We have RA's and GA's for the school aged kids and my highschooler has Breakpoint which is a like a huge worship rally (with a wonderful band) followed by a mini-sermon and smaller group discussions. For adults we have numerous classes (sounds like yours) but it's been a few years since I've taken one because they always need people to teach pre-school. :o)

Now I'm eating cold, left-over pizza wishing it was a big dish of 3-way skyline. ;o)

Nataliya said...

We spent Wednesday night running around buying gifts for our Ukrainian friends :)

Melissa E. said...

What kind of things did you find? Did you try for little things that are very American or did you find American things that look Ukrainian? Are you buying a bunch of the same thing to give one to everybody or individual gifts?
Just Curious!

kari said...

Our Wednesday's are busy. I'm baby-sitting for my friend's baby 2 mornings a week. On Wednesday, Owen and I stay at their house all day since it is close to our church which is 30 min. away. When Owen wakes up from his afternoon nap, we usually go to the mall. Not too much shopping gets done, but Owen loves to play in the kid's area! We grab a quick dinner and pick Dan up from the bus stop. He usually eats in the car. Then we go to church. We drop Owen off in the nursery and hurry to the youth room. I sit at the table and listen to verses and keep track of other WOL things. Dan is in charge of the ice breaker this month. We both have a small group that we are in charge of. We get home around 9:15. It's a very busy day!

Melissa E. said...

What was the ice breaker this time? Didn't you two meet because of an ice-breaker?

Nataliya said...

Melissa, I'm buying individual gifts for some friends and their kids. For all others it will be a bottle of liquer (could be wine, could be cognac, etc.) and a cake when invited to the house, or a monetary gift with the card in the small gift bag to inspectors or other workers.

Leslie said...

How cool! Our Hannah is taking her first sewing class on Sunday afternoon. She's making a pillowcase and is soooo excited. Our kids have youth group on Wednesday nights at church, but there's nothing for the adults. I wish there was though!