Thursday, April 30, 2009

Moving diary # 14

Yesterday, Wednesday, was a church-in-the-evening day. Well, The kids had their choir practice. Steve and I had no classes. I had to volunteer to help at choir practice, though, so I didn't get to just sit around in the cafe with a cappuccino this time!

Wednesday night church starts at 5:45 and is about 20 minutes from our house. Because of this, we usually go to Little Caesar's or Papa John's and get their $5 large pizzas on the way. All this means that we leave the house not long after 5:oo. All projects must get done before then!

Now, strangely, I get so much more done on Wednesday. I think it is a combination of different things. Not having to think about dinner preparations helps a lot. But I am most organized when I have a deadline and, however small the deadline is, Wednesday does it for me!

So, I got everything done on yesterday's list except for mowing. That will be my challenge for today. Everything else can be bonus! Cleaning out Max and Misha's room spilled over into Vitali's clothes yesterday and I did that instead of mowing. Not to count my chickens before they are hatched but this is the earliest in the year that I have ever gotten the seasonal clothes sorted out! Of course, I haven't tackled the girls clothes yet--Man, do they have a lot of clothes!!


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Mike and Christie said...

Ugh, I feel your pain.
We just finished spring clothing cleanout.... and that is only for 5 people, not 8! :)