Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moving diary #10

My to-do list yesterday was a little ambitious but I surprised myself by staying on track and keeping up pretty well. Until it was time to mow. I went outside to the mower box (That I had unloaded from the truck myself. I am so strong, aren't I?) and, although I normally would have ripped out one side of the box so that I could easily wheel the mower out, this time I am thinking what a good box that is and got a little more creative. With a little muscle power I removed the mower from the box, leaving the box in pristine condition. Ah! A fresh mower! All clean and shiny!

So, next I pour in the oil that came with the mower. Then I gassed the tank. Ready. Prime the --What ever it is that you prime-- and pull the cord. Nothing. Pull again. Nothing. More priming and pulling. There! It is running. But not for long.
Over and over I tried the mower. Three pulls to start and then the engine would start only to wind right down. It has some kind of problem, once it starts it runs only on the fuel that I primed it with and then stalls out.

This is the second mower, you may remember. The first one blew up before we made it through the whole yard once. I am wondering if this is a case of "fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice..."

Anyway, as far as my list for yesterday goes,
  • Morning chores Done
  • paint trim (second coat) Done
  • patch wall dents all over the house OOPS, forgot this one.
  • finish mowing Yeah, well, I had good intentions...
  • Schoolwork I ended up taking the day off. I don't do that very often--Not even for spring break
  • Church tonight. Yep.
  • Come home from church and get something more done before bed. What it is will depend on what Steve wants. I may just be rolling the boys' room paint. I should point out that I didn't get anything done work-wise after church. We worked on a Master To-Do list instead. I did get the boys' room rolled, though. Just did it earlier in the day!
And today I plan to:
  • Morning chores
  • Paint doors and moldings in the boys' room as well as the inside of the front door. (UGH! I like painting, just not doors!)
  • Patch wall dents.
  • Schoolwork
  • Laundry
  • Sort the boys' clothes and shoes.
  • Help Steve this evening to lay ceramic tile in the front entry way.
Wish me luck!

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