Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moving diary: # 6

I am posting this one early today because, even though Steve is coming home early with plans to work around here with a teen-aged helper of his, I am going to my mom and dad's to greet the first wave of the Easter weekend gathering of family members!

What did I do today up until this point? A lot, but nothing. A lot of household recovery efforts but nothing as far as moving goes. Well...I guess I can count cleaning out the car so that Steve can fill it with boxes but, really, it needed a good cleaning anyway.

I worked in my bedroom trying to get rid of all signs of boxes and hardware items. The hardest part of moving is not the packing but the trying to keep the rest of the house from going to H-E-double hockey sticks... I need an oasis. I decided my bedroom will be it! It would be nice if my kitchen could be it too but other than visiting the Chocolate Island from Richard over in the corner of the counter (which I have already done today *smile*), who wants to visit an oasis in the Kitchen?! My bedroom seems a much cozier retreat--fewer calories there, too.

So, I am off to clean up my non-oasis of a kitchen right now and then I'll spruce myself up so I don't scare anyone at the gathering today. If I'm feeling lucky, I'll switch out the laundry and re-tidy the living room. The kids will help me with the living room, though. That makes me more likely to get that area tidied up. I doubt any vacuuming will happen. Or mowing, for that matter.

Over and out.

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