Monday, April 20, 2009

Moving Diary #8: Back to work today....

After having a week "off" because of Steve's family in town, today is the day we get back to work around here! Actually, We did quite a bit of packing on Saturday. Kitchen things. I made Steve wait until after his family left before he thinned our kitchen. And now, it has been thinned.

Extra rubber spatulas, one of the crock pots, the roasting pan, some dishes and the cake stands. A bunch of other stuff too. Enough to fill six boxes. The idea was to eliminate the need for a free-standing cupboard that we had in there. We are trying to erase or, at least, minimize the signs that a family with six children is living in this house. We want the new family to wander through here thinking of themselves here, not thinking, "Wow! Six kids!...."

Today, we have to get back to school and try and recover the house from under the remnants of our packing adventures. Seriously, the kids had to shift stuff around on the table to carve out little cubbies in which to perch their breakfast cereal bowls this morning! I did something similar to make Steve's lunch this morning, "creating" a clean space by grabbing a cutting board and pushing stuff aside on the counter!

Believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to conquering the mess that was once the command center of the home. Nothing more gratifying cleaning-wise than taking a mess like that and transforming it to a shiny luster! Haha! Just like vacuuming a mess from the carpet is more satisfying than vacuuming one that already looks fairly good!

Anyway, at this point, I am all talk! I need to get myself dressed and hop in the shower (not in that order) and then, WORK!! LOL!


Lynn Falk said...

Good luck with all your cleaning today! I am doing some thinning out and organizing today as well. Kari and I are having a yard sale soon and I need to start working on my stuff! I am not a pack rat in the least! Clutter gives me anxiety. That's the reason I rarely step foot in Warren's office! :)

Drew, Michelle, Luke and Tetyana said...

We are in packing heaven too!! The moving truck comes for our stuff May 1st! I am headed out of town for 4 days between now and then..I hope I get it all done before then!

Happy packing!

Anonymous said...

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