Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Moving diary # 13

I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

So much to do but, then, so much already done...

Steve came home from work yesterday with a migraine brewing and pretty much just went to bed to try and ward it off. ( he woke up feeling good again this morning.) It makes me realize that I count on him to give me my list of things to do. This works well for me. If I make my own list, we divide our efforts and are not as effective. Strangely, it seems that when he is out of commission, nothing really gets done at all! Really, it's not that I don't do anything but that I seem to need him to point me somewhere and say, "Why don't you do that".

I am trying to think of what I got done yesterday as far as moving goes. So far I am coming up short! Don't get me wrong, I was busy all day! Just that I was busy doing the stuff that needs to get done again today, too.

I had intended to prime the front steps but didn't get that far. Maybe today. I am also going to challenge myself to finish the boys' room and get the yard--at least the rest of the front--mowed.

Think I can do it?! I hope so!

I know my biggest hang up is that I am afraid to get our house ready to sell and then to actually sell it, and not to have anywhere to move into. I have always been more efficient with a deadline! Not exactly one of my strengths--Unless, that is, a deadline is looming.

At any rate, every experience is a chance to grow. And I am learning a lot. Mostly about how much stuff I have accumulated. And what a time-stealer Stuff is. Not just when you move but daily as you tidy it up or polish it or wash it or whatever.

I also am learning about gratefulness. Especially because a couple of friends of ours have bent over backwards, it seems, to take us under their wing. Richard has helped us by chocolate encouragement for me :-) and by tackling the ornery lawn mower in the hot sun the other day. Ginger has a bunch of potential houses for us every time we see her! I told Steve that I hope the house we end up with is one Ginger finds. She has invested so much time into us! And that is only a very tiny part of how they have blessed our family!

So, like I said, It's all a matter of perspective. A lot of work and unknowns but also a chance to grow and develop as a wife as I work alongside my husband and as a Christian, thanking God for his many blessings. Even the mixed ones.

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